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Fundraising Platform For Start-Ups

Capital Connexion solves a critical problem for startups struggling to raise funding for their business by helping them connect one-on-one with relevant VC funds. Entrepreneurs from all the sectors get the much-needed guidance based on our practical experience to successfully raise up to series A round of capital.

Deal Flow Platform For Venture Capital Funds

Venture Capital funds receive investment opportunities in “average” businesses. They struggle to find high potential startups who can provide superior return on investments. Capital Connexion provides a pipeline of high quality startups to VC funds for investments.


  • The startups are really great. I love the selection of Startups. I love the selection of Founders. I like this event thematically.

    Shweta Tripathi
    (Investment Team - WEH Ventures)

  • Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult for the investor on the demo day to understand startups with a short 2 line summary. At Capital Connexion, we have a lot of supplements with the deck which gives a chance to review and understand the startup well. This is more efficient and cohort quality is also very good.

    Gautam Bagga
    (Investment team - Inflection Point Ventures)

  • If I tell you about startup curation & the quality of startups, they are mature, come from diverse backgrounds and are generating revenues. I am very happy to see the quality we have and the curation you guys have put up.

    Gaurav Chauhan
    (Program Manager Investment - Lets Venture)

  • The startups were very well coached and they went through their presentations in a professional way.

    Monika Pande
    (Investment - YourNest)

  • Curated platform for startups and investors to meet one-on-one.

    Tanishq Ambegaokar
    Founder - Skyber (Baazaar.io)

  • Helped us refine our pitch and fine-tune our presentation to raise funding successfully.

    Deepika Singh
    Founder - DeepCytes

  • As this is our first funding round, you guided us from making of the pitch deck to the demo day event with multiple investors. We always look forward to helping hands which can allow us to share our story in an affirmative manner.

    As a start-up, I believe we are not aware of many points which become hindrance for the start-ups to raise funds, so the Capital Connexion program allows a startup to understand various important aspects about funding and it also keeps you ready for the pitches as well as connections to various VCs.

    Samudragupta Talukdar
    Co-Founder - Relata (Cognilements)